On-Demand Webinar

Optimizing Legal Spend in TeamConnect & Acuity: Leveraging Structured Data and AI Through Managed Bill Review

Too much legal spend data, not enough actionable analytics. Sound familiar?

Spend less time reviewing invoices and uncover 2-3x ROI with AI-driven line-item categorization + human expertise. Watch our on-demand webinar replay for tips from the experts on how to:
  • Save time on invoice review in TeamConnect or Acuity to focus on more strategic matters

  • Dive into the data gained from managed bill review to provide your team with more accurate spend visibility and reporting

  • Reduce legal spend with stronger billing guideline enforcement and increased compliance

  • Optimize your technology with best practices and legal professionals working in concert with your TeamConnect or Acuity platform
In this webinar, Misty Price, Executive Director of MBR and Spend Analytics at Mitratech, and David Garber, Strategic Account Management for MBR and Spend Analytics, dive into how clients can begin gathering cleaner data and more actionable reports with an integrated approach to their managed bill review process. 

Watch the Replay