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Legal Hold in Action: Real-World Tips and Best Practices

Featuring Tanya Cohen, Director of Litigation Support at University of Colorado

Stay one step ahead of litigation or audits with tried-and-true best practices for legal hold management.

Safeguarding against evidence spoliation ahead of litigations, audits, or investigations is a lot easier when you have a timely, defensible legal hold process. In this conversation, take a look at how to achieve this by diving into key considerations like: 

  • Data preservation do’s and don’ts: Discover how to identify and safeguard matter-relevant information effectively

  • How to navigate custodianship: Gain insights into distinguishing custodians from silent custodians and the key considerations involved

  • Tips for keeping custodians informed: Develop a comprehensive plan for issuing legal hold notices, ensuring your custodians stay informed and receive detailed instructions for preservation

  • Best practices for setting clear legal hold release expectations: Learn the crucial steps to establish transparent guidelines for legal hold release 

With a well-executed legal hold strategy, you can fortify your organization’s resilience, achieve compliance mastery, and secure your company's future by preserving vital data. Don’t miss this expert conversation on legal hold best practices, the role of technology in the litigation process, and more! 

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